2016 5&10 Challenge Update

Since the 5&10 Challenge ended last week, it’s time for all participants to report their results so Generation Give can issue a check to South County Outreach (SCO)!
Send your net loss/gain to info@gen-give.com. You can also click the “donate” button to make a donation if you didn’t achieve your goal.
Example: your goal was to lose 8 pounds and you lost 5. Gen Give will donate $50 (5 lbs x $10) to SCO and you “owe” $15 (3 lbs x $5)  If you have any questions include them on your note (info@gen-give.com). We’ll announce the three $100 winners later this week…good luck.  Happy Holidays!


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Donate to Glenn and Kim’s special Africa School Program

garden2    classrooom    garden1

For years, Glenn, Kim and Generation Give have worked through partner non-profits Asante Network and Plant with Purpose to help improve the lives of students and teachers in the Mt.Kilimanjaro region in Tanzania. Your wedding gift donation will educate schools on effective gardening to grow their own produce for student meals and provide essential supplies to a personally selected school.

Plus Generation Give will double the first $2500 in donations to make this a wedding gift that will truly “endure and grow”.

Thank You!

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Super Celebration – Game Score Game!

Special thanks to all those who are joining in the Game Score Game fun today! Below is the completed game board.  Simply check your ticket(s) for your Row and Seat… this indicates your corresponding space on the board (i.e. Row G, Seat 3 is space G-3 and if the score in any quarter ends with the Broncos having a 3 or 13 or 23, etc  and the Panthers having a 0, 10, 20, etc – YOU WIN) . Good luck and enjoy the big game!


Greetings – As many of you know, for five years Generation Give has hosted a “Super Celebration” fundraiser on Super Bowl Sunday. The events have generated nearly $100,000 for local, national and worldwide causes with 100% of all donations passed on to recipients!

This year, we are sponsoring an on-line version of Super Celebration (see attached), where you and your friends can play the “Game Score Game” and win $$$ while donating to very worthy causes. The Game Score Game is similar to “football pools” except that 100% of your square purchase/donation goes to partner charities and Generation Give provides all the prize pay-outs!

Click here to play!

For those of you that have attended Super Celebrations in the past, the event will be back next year, bigger and better than ever and with a new name – “Charity Championship Sunday®”


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The “5 & 10” Fall Weight Loss Challenge

Click → here ← to let us know you’re participating or to ask questions.


* Note this special program is open to MarkeTeam, Inc. employees and associates only.

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Some “Cool” News

Our new refrigeration unit is now in place and we're starting to load it up with fresh produce and more. Thank you…

Posted by South County Outreach on Monday, September 14, 2015

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