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Gala and Gifts Fundraiser

We are proud to say we raised almost $5000 for the Mission Hospital Foundation via our Gala and Gifts opportunity drawing!
The drawing took place at 11pm on Friday the 25th of November. What better day to give away some great gift cards than Black Friday?!

Linda Terzic receives her prize from board-member Alan Fronke.

Our grand-prize winner very generously donated the $1000 cash prize she opted for back to Mission Hospital for pediatric care. All of our other winners, including first-prize winner Linda Terzic, were happy to receive their gift cards!

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Summer Clearance

Thanks to all of our friends and supporters that participated in our Summer Clearance Sale fundraiser.

We are working on our next exciting opportunity and will have more details soon!

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Super Celebration is a Big Success!

MISSION VIEJO, Calif., Feb. 8, 2011 — Generation Give, a non-profit organization that matches* the donations of individuals or groups in support of organizations that educate children, feed the hungry and provide treatment for the sick, officially launched and held its inaugural event during the Big Game last Sunday.  The “Super Celebration” event earned more than $7,500 for three non-profits in need of support and contributions.  Held at MixLab at MarkeTeam Inc. in Mission Viejo, board members of Generation Give gave a presentation about the new non-profit to nearly 80 attendees and introduced three worthwhile charities that are making a difference in the communities they serve. 

The funds raised will go to support the Asante Network, California Parkinson’s Group, and the Project Hope School Foundation.  Asante Network is a non-profit committed to helping women and children in East Africa.  The all-volunteer organization supports many causes including a lunch program for impoverished children.  California Parkinson’s Group (CPG) is a mostly Orange County based non-profit that supports patients, spouses, families and friends affected by a diagnosis of early onset Parkinson’s.  Through dialogue, education and involvement in the medical research community, CPG hopes to raise the quality of life for those in our community with Parkinson’s and aid in the research and cure of the disease.  Project Hope (Homeless Outreach Program in Education), is an Orange County-based non-profit foundation that runs a county-wide school designed to help children without permanent homes transition into the mainstream educational system.  The school is funded by the state but transportation services to pick up children from shelters and motels throughout Orange County, lunches and other supplies are raised and maintained by the foundation.